The Need To Be Alone of sadness

Has your loved one recently turned anti-social? When a person is depressed, they yearn to stay isolated. If your partner used to have a lot of friends and suddenly wants nothing to do with them, it could be because he or she is mentally unwell. Other symptoms include cancelling social events at the last minute, boycotting family events, avoiding direct conversations, and developing a pessimistic attitude.

Loss of Interest In Things They Once Loved

When going through depression, people slowly develop an aversion towards all the things they one used to enjoy.They could even end up avoiding their spouses as well as children. This could have serious consequences on relationships. If your partner suddenly starts to show disinterest in you or your children, make it a point to find out the reason behind it.

Difficulty To Focus

Depression is known to mess with the cognitive ability of a person. Depressed people tend to lose focus from time to time and have difficulty in remembering stuff. They may also keep tuning in and out of conversations, without knowing what’s really happening around them. If left untreated, this symptom can cause serious cognitive impairment.

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The Constant Feeling That They Are Worthless

Depression makes the patients feel like they are never good enough. Depressed people are constantly haunted by a host of negative feelings and self-doubt. This can also be accompanied by guilt, hopelessness, and disappointment. This symptom is the major factor that pushes people towards self harm and suicide.

Tendency For Substance Abuse

Since depressed people have a hard time holding on to their senses and emotions, there is a chance they will turn to alcohol and drugs for consolation. Substance abuse happens because the person is trying to numb out their mental and physical pain. This is a dangerous, and at times fatal symptom of depression as it could lead to addiction as well as the death of a patient.

Loss Of Appetite

Sudden weight loss is a prominent symptom of depression. If you notice your partner develop an aversion towards food- even the dishes they used to love- depression could be creeping in. While going through depression, the lack of a balanced diet leads to unusual and abrupt weight loss, accompanied by fatigue and exhaustion.


Though depressed people tend to be exhausted all the time, it does not mean they get a lot of sleep. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. If your partner keeps turning and tossing in bed night after night for no particular reason, it could be because they are disturbed by countless negative thoughts which keep them awake all night long.