Neem Powder: Benefits, Uses, & How To Make


Neem powder is extensively used in Ayurveda to treat skin conditions, improve the health of the skin and hair, and to help cleanse the liver. While this herbal powder is now available in most beauty stores as well as online, Read More ….>

Birth – All About I Have To Know

At a glance…… 1 Onset of Labor1.0.1 Key Points1.0.2 Key Terms1.1 Pre-labor (First Stage of Labor)1.2 Latent Phase2 Stages of Labor2.0.1 Key Points2.0.2 Key Terms3 Stages of Labor3.0.1 First Stage (Active Phase)3.0.2 Second Stage (Fetal Expulsion)3.0.3 Third Stage (Placental Delivery)3.0.4 Read More ….>

Fourth Week of Development of Embryo

At a glance…… 1 Fourth Week of Development of Embryo1.0.1 Key Points1.0.2 Key Terms1.1 Placentation1.2 Mesencephalon Development1.3 Pharyngeal Arch Development1.3.1 The growth of the amnion1.4 What happens?1.4.1 Neural tube and digestive tract1.4.2 Characteristics1.5 The three tissues of the embryonic disc Read More ….>

Third Week of Development – Anatomy, Types, Functions

At a glance…… 1 Gastrulation1.0.1 Key Points1.0.2 Key Terms2 Neurulation2.0.1 Key Points2.0.2 Key Terms2.1 CLINICAL EXAMPLE3 Somite Development3.0.1 Key Points3.0.2 Key Terms3.1 Intraembryonic Coelom Development3.2 Somite Development3.2.1 Dermatome3.2.2 Myotome3.2.3 Sclerotome3.2.4 Syndetome4 Development of the Cardiovascular System4.0.1 Key Points4.0.2 Key Terms4.1 Read More ….>