What Is Pill Cutters ? Types of The Best Pill Cutters

What Is Pill Cutters ? Types of The Best Pill Cutters

What Is Pill Cutters ?/Pill Cutters are also known as pill splitters, tablet dividers, pill breakers or tablet cutters. These devices allow patients to divide pills in half to provide two separate doses at half strength. For some drugs, like the statins, this process can save money on drug purchases since the statin drugs are less expensive in higher dose tablets. Instead of using a knife or razor blade, using a pill splitter is safer and more evenly distributes the dosage. Below are quick links to additional information.

Pill-splitting refers to the practice of splitting a tablet or pill to provide a lower dose of the active ingredient, or to obtain multiple smaller doses, either to reduce cost or because the pills available provide a larger dose than required. Many pills that are suitable for splitting (aspirin tablets for instance) come pre-scored so that they may easily be halved.

There are many times when the pills we have to swallow are too large, or we have to take half of a pill. In such scenarios, you have to split the pills evenly for certain medication. This is why you need to have a pill cutter at home because pills are an integral part of our unhealthy lives. A high-quality pill cutter can cut or split pills of any sizes and shapes. Moreover, you can use them to carry the pills when you go outside. You can also split pills for your pets who will hate the larger pills. Check out the best pill cutter we have listed below.

Best Pill Cutters – Reviews List

Prorxdisc Pill Cutter / Pill Splitter With Catch Cup

This is a unique pill cutter, and it comes with 2 medication containers and 18 cavities for cutting the pills of different sizes and shapes. There is a safety T-guard for the blade system which is self-retracting. Therefore, you can operate the cutter safely. The slot discs are unique in shape and size to accommodate all the different forms of tablets with ease. The blades are thinner with curved edges which are handy for slicing the pills perfectly.

Moreover, it does not ground the pills or chop them. The operation is also super easy for anyone. The pill catch cup also comes very useful. The containers have lids, and it is quite compact for easy portability. The product is made up of BPA-free hard plastic for greater durability.

Reason To Buy This

  • The entire operation is easy and quick
  • Durability is high because of the use of BPA-free hard plastic
  • Made compact in design for outstanding portability
  • No harm while operating

Ezy Dose Pill Cutter With Safety Shield

Ezy Dose is a popular brand in the pill cutter category, and they have different designs of cutters. This is a user-friendly pill cutter as it comes with an inbuilt magnifier that will help you place your pills perfectly for a perfect split. There is also a safety shield that is patented, and it covers the cutting blade completely during splitting.

Moreover, there is an adjustable slider available for accommodating different sizes of pills and for ensuring a cleaner and ever cut. Furthermore, it is a heavy-duty blade made up of stainless steel. It is very sharp, and the sharpness stays intact for years. Furthermore, there is a storage compartment available. The product is compact and hence, very easy to carry with.

Reason To Buy This

  • Perfect placement of pills by inbuilt magnifier
  • Varied size pills can be accommodated by its adjustable slider
  • Retains sharpness for several years
  • Includes a storage compartment

Apex Pill Splitter – Pill Cutter For Small Pills Thru Large Pills

This pill cutter has a unique V-shape so that it can grip the pills tightly for accurate cutting. This will help to take in a specific dosage of the medication for better results. The design of the product is ergonomic to make the operation effortless. There is no chance of pills crumbling or breaking as it comes with double stainless steel blades. These blades also stay sharp for years and therefore, you can consider it as a highly durable product.

It is a universal pill cutter which means it is suitable for pills of any size or shape. Moreover, you can also store the medicines in the space available and carry the entire thing with you easily. The surface is of hard plastic which makes it easy to clean and store.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Convenient for pills of any size or shape
  • Working operation simplified by ergonomic design
  • The sharpness of blades is retained for years

Ezy Dose Original Pill Cutter/Splitter

You can look for this ultimate pill or table cutter or splitter for your help if you want to get an accurate dose of your medicine. The sleek design of the splitter enables you with convenient storage and portability options. With the aid of the durable stainless steel blade, you can get the most precise cutting of any tablets or pills. Moreover, you have just to press very little to cut the pills off. The splitter is there to cope up with your medication program effectively.

The pill cutter also provides a safe and sound medication for you and your family member. It also comes with some additional features like a safety shield to keep your pills safe in the case and a magnifier for closer observation. Furthermore, the reliable storage compartment makes the tablets cutting simpler. The pill cutter also includes an adjustable arm to prevent the pill from the dislocation. It is made with the premium quality components, and the pill cutter is suitable for frequent usage.

Reason To Buy This

  • Accurate cutting facilitated by a stainless steel blade
  • Safe medication allowed
  • Cutting of pills is simplified by an authentic storage compartment
  • Presence of adjustable arm keeps pills in a fixed place

Ezy Dose Ultra Fine Cut N’ Crush

The pill cutter is an excellent solution for those people who have trouble swallowing large pills and tablets. With this splitter, you can effortlessly grind your pills into dust for a super easy medication for your children. The sturdy stainless steel blade also chops off your medicine with a little pressure and immediately gets ready to grind the next pill. Moreover, it has an inbuilt storage compartment with a holding capacity of 4 pills at the maximum level. The compact and smart design of this pill cutter also includes a handy built-in cup for drinking and a convenient cover for easier transportation.

Furthermore, you can have the advantage of superfine grinding of your tablets with this splitter cum crusher. Besides the crusher mode, the cutter option can also help to split your medicines with precision for the exact dosage for you. The splitter also supports you to maintain hygiene during the management of the medication for better results. The cutter is durable enough for repeated applications.

Reason To Buy This

  • Allows fine grinding if needed
  • Durable enough for long-term use
  • Comes with built-in storage compartment
  • Process of transportation is simplified by a convenient cover

Pill Organizer Box – Weekly Case With Pill Splitter Cutter

This is a combo offer with multiple application tools, like a weekly organizer case with a pill splitter and holder with many more features. Whenever you are on a seven-day trip, then you can undoubtedly pack all your medicines with this weekly organizer case. The interesting fact of this organizer is that it comes with the seven different compartments with each day tags and individual colors. You can separate every compartment to carry them comfortably even in your purse.

Moreover, you can get the cutter and pocket holder added to the organizer case. Furthermore, each of these compartments has the day and night slots separated with the slide open lidded four-time medication sorter. Every case of this organizer also has a hard-shell casing to prevent your pills from spilling off. The robust and sharp stainless steel blade is capable enough to split any sorts of large medicines or supplements.

Reason To Buy This

  • Pills will not spill off due to the hard-shell casing
  • Its stainless steel blade is made sharp
  • Can be placed conveniently in your purse or pocket

Apex Deluxe Pill Splitter

With the optical grade polycarbonate body, this pill cutter is the durable one to use it for the lifelong. The splitter is highly useful to take care of the precision of having medicines for your health. The double-beveled German steel blade cuts the tablets or pill smoothly. You just need to position the pill on the grip of the shape ‘V.’ Then you have to lower the lid to split the pills off. It also requires a very minimal power to cut the medicines.

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The splitter also comes with a flexible non-slip cutting surface to prevent your pills from misplacement during the cutting. Moreover, from the clear protective view, you can get an accurate position, from where you can cut the medicine into halves. This pill cutter is ideal for cutting small pills in a precise manner. After every use, you just have to clean the surface of the splitter to make sure that there is no residue left. You can also easily carry this product with you almost everywhere. It is one of the best pill cutters on the list.

Reason To Buy This

  • Pills’ dislocation is prevented by non-slip cutting surface
  • Easy cleaning mechanism
  • Allows you to carry it easily wherever you want
  • Grip comes with V shape for easy storage of pills

Vive 4 Times A Day Pill Organizer

The pill organizer turns out to be a very helpful medicine manager for the senior people in your family. The compact pill organizer has seven different compartments to store the medicines for each day. It is straightforward to manage your weekly medication with this organizer case. Each compartment is of individual and vivid color, so you will not miss out on any single medication for yourself. The trays also come with the sliding lids for easy opening.

The slots consist of four boxes for a morning, noon, evening, and bedtime medicines to end the confusion of missing out or overdosing. The pill organizer is very much accessible to use it at home or the office. Moreover, you can carry this pill organizer whenever you undertake a tour. With the organizer set, you can get a pill cutter, if any case, you have to take a half pill. The splitter also includes a very sharp stainless steel blade to give a précised to the tablet. This organizer is of durable BPA-free plastic.

Reason To Buy This

  • Its slots include four boxes
  • The stainless steel blade is very sharp
  • Made out from BPA-free
  • Every compartment is designed in a different color

The Equadose Pill Splitter

This is a pocket-friendly pill cutter due to its compact size. Besides, it is also one of the most affordable pill cutters on the list. There are patented blades available, and these blades are in certain angles so that the cutting is accurate and you do not cut your finger during operation. There are win blades available for making perfect halves of the tablets. As a matter of fact, the size of the pill cutter is suitable for tablets of any size or shape.

As far as the material goes, it has solid aircraft aluminum, and the product is from the USA. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, there is a transparent guard available so that you can carry it with full safety. It is undoubtedly one of the best pill cutters by far.

Reason To Buy This

  • Fingers remain safe during operation
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Convenient for different sizes and shapes of tablets

Apex Pill Splitter – Colors May Vary – 2 Pack

This pill cutter easily cuts down any coated or uncoated pills or tablets with the ½” maximum diameter. The double-beveled stainless steel blade provides the cutting of the pills with precision. The blade still stays sharp enough by withstanding the multiple usages. You can get a pair of pill cutter with this deal. The ‘V’-shaped surface is flexible enough to hold the different sized pills for accurate cutting. You also do not need to press hard to cut the pills with this splitter.

You can keep the remaining parts of the pills in the convenient compartment of this pill cutter. The compact size of this splitter allows easy portability. It also helps you to maintain the medication properly for your family. You can use it both in the home and office. Moreover, this splitter gives the hand-free and hygienic cut to the tablets. The set comes at a very pocket-friendly price. Made with the best quality plastic, the splitter allows the repeated use. It also saves you from the wastage of the pills, and there is no doubt that it is one of the best pill cutters to buy.

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Reason To Buy This

  • Its compact size allows great portability
  • The pocket-friendly design allows easy carrying
  • Different sized pills can be held in its V-shaped surface
  • By simple press, you can cut the pills

Multiple Pill Splitter. Original Patented Design, With Accurate Pill Alignment

The product is from the USA, and therefore, its quality is trustable. You do not have to wait to split pills one by one as there is a provision to cut them all in one. You can cut round as well as oblong pills. The blades are of medical-grade, and they are of stainless steel. Moreover, there are blade guards to protect your fingers.

The overall construction of the pill cutter is extremely sturdy, and it is sure to survive for years. The design is also patented, and the cutting is accurate. On top of that, the company offers a lifetime warranty. It is the best pill cutter available online that is worth purchasing without a second thought.

Reason To Buy This

  • Simultaneous pill cutting allowed
  • Provides a lifetime warranty
  • Use of stainless steel in blades guarantee high durability
  • Construction is made sturdy

Types of Pill Slicers

  • Hinged Razor Blade – razor blade cutting surface placed in a hinged device with a pill slot. Just clamp the device shut to cut the pill.
  • Push Stamp Splitter – place pill in the slot, close lid, push down activator to cut tablet
  • Magnifying Pill Cutter – hinged razor blade with a transparent, magnified lid
  • Combo Types – split, crush, storage, and drink cup combos are small, portable devices with more utility
  • Scissor Type – scissors specifically designed to cut tablets
  • Multiple Shapes Pill Splitter – slots of different sizes that accommodate different sized pills that rotate or have template inserts to hold the tablet in place for the razor blade cutter
  • Multiple Pill Splitter – either slotted or inline with a hinged razor blade
  • Hinged Razor Blade with Safety Device – includes safety shield or a retracting blade


If you are buying a pill cutter for the first time, you may be overwhelmed with the features and varieties of pill cutters available. Therefore, we have handpicked the best pill cutters for you that are worth purchasing. In general, while purchasing a pill cutter, you have to make sure that it is a universal splitter so that you can split tablets of any size and shape. There must be safety guards so that the operation is worry-free. The space of accommodating the pills is always welcome as you can carry the pill cutter along with the pills inside.




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